I Shave Several Times A Day, Yet I Still Have A Beard. Who Am I?


This riddle plays on the idea of someone who shaves regularly but still has a beard. The key to solving it is realizing that it refers to a profession rather than an individual's personal grooming habits.

In this case, the answer is "a barber." Barbers are professionals who shave and trim the facial hair of their customers throughout the day as part of their job. They shave others, but they do not shave themselves while they are working. So, despite shaving their clients multiple times a day, barbers still have their own beards, which they maintain or grow according to their personal preference when they are not working.

The riddle relies on the dual meaning of the phrase "I shave" – it could refer to a personal grooming routine, which might lead you to think of someone trying to maintain a clean-shaven face, but in this context, it points to a barber's profession, where they shave their customers but may still have their own facial hair.

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