Only 1% Will Find The Odd Emoji In 3 Seconds

Do you have an eagle eye for detail? Join the elite 1% who can spot the odd emoji in just 3 seconds. Test your observation skills now with our exciting challenge!

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Wait, hold your popcorn! Did you know Hollywood's got some serious brainpower along with its star power? Enter Natalie Portman, stage right. Yes, that Natalie Portman - Queen Amidala herself, the Black Swan, Thor's better half. She's graced the silver screen with some unforgettable roles, but wait till you hear what she does off-screen.

This Oscar-winning actress, when not busy collecting awards and charming audiences worldwide, was grinding away at Harvard University - yes, THAT Harvard. She was juggling quantum physics in the morning and red carpet events at night, all while maintaining her status as a student. Talk about a superhero without a cape!

But wait, there's more. Portman, the undercover nerd, reportedly boasts an IQ of 140. That's right, folks. That's 'near genius' territory, sharing the intellectual high table with none other than Albert Einstein and Stephen Hawking. Now, that's a plot twist!

So, next time you see her on screen, remember - beneath the star-studded glitz and glam, there's a formidable brain that's busy solving riddles of the universe. Natalie Portman, ladies and gentlemen - the living proof that you can be the queen of the silver screen and the ruler of academics, all at once!