Can You Pass An Advanced IQ Test From 1980?

Do you have what it takes to get a the highest score on one of the most challenging knowledge quizzes ever published? The general knowledge test originates from the 1980s and consists of 10 extremely difficult questions covering history and geography. 

A new tricky online quiz, which claims to tell you whether your knowledge would help you pass an advanced IQ test, is baffling the web. This test from the 1980s will challenge your knowledge of geography, history and biology - but can you ace it without cheating?

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Did pay attention at school? Well, no worries, we will find out in a second. For those who pass the test, the author states: 'You must be a lifelong learner who wonders about everything and never runs out of questions. You’re always open to experience, and you have an unrelenting drive to explore.' Take the test to find out how high your IQ actually is.