Can You Spot The Different Snooker Triangle?

Only 5% of people can ace all levels. Amidst the classic triangle of snooker balls, one has its colors mixed up! Can you spot the twist in the tale?

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Snooker, a game of finesse and precision, relies heavily on patterns – both in play and in ball arrangement. As a tribute to this beautiful game, we've set a challenge for you. Before you lies a set of snooker triangles, each with balls meticulously placed in their typical order. However, one triangle breaks the norm, flaunting a unique color combination.

It might be a subtle swap of two colors, a shade lighter or darker, or perhaps a ball out of place. Only a seasoned snooker enthusiast or someone blessed with hawk-like observation skills will catch this slight shift.

Are you equipped to nail this challenge? Dive deep into the world of snooker patterns and test your ability to notice the minutest of details. Share with friends and family, and let's see who stands out as the ultimate snooker sentinel!